Gun violence in America is a very real and troubling issue; certainly one that’s come up in headlines over and over, and made every parent or business owner more than a little nervous. ECT services aims to bring you peace of mind with our Active Shooter Detection System (learn more here) and educate you on the proper responses to an incident of this kind.

When dealing with a potentially dangerous situation, like a possible shooter in the building, it’s very important to remember this Triangle:

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Remember the three As – Assessment, Accurate information, and Appropriate Response.

The first point of the triangle is assessment: immediate assessment of a situation involving gun violence is key to protection and survival. Does your company currently have a way to immediately assess what’s actually happening? Think of your own office building –  you’re in the conference room for a meeting and hear a loud noise. Was that a gunshot? Will you have to travel down a hallway and expose yourself to find out?


The second point of the triangle is accurate information: once it’s been determined the noise you heard was a gunshot, do you have the ability to see where the shooter went after firing the weapon? What was he/she wearing? Is he/she someone known in the office? Panic leads inevitably to inaccuracy – and the Active Shooter Detection System is immune to panic. The system knows where the incident occurred, and that it was in fact a gunshot. There is no waiting on 911. Authorities are alerted immediately with accurate information.


The final point of the triangle is appropriate response: it can be nearly impossible to force yourself into a logical response to a panic-ridden situation. The first and most important response is to get the people in the area to safety. The Active Shooter Detection System takes the tasks of reaching out to the authorities out of your hands – in less than one second after a gunshot. The system even tells the authorities where to go and gives them immediate information so they can quickly determine what to do, and allows mass notification and mass lockdown in a building.


ECT Services is proud to be the only provider of the much-needed service in the Midwest, and hope the implementation of the Active Shooter Detection System in your place of business will help you assess the situation, immediately provide accurate information, and allow for appropriate response by the proper authorities to dramatically improve the safety of yourself and your co-workers.