It’s absolute tragedy, but it’s the truth: within the last two weeks there have been more than ten mass shootings in the United States (check this cited list of known mass shootings for more information and sources, including a shooting at a community college in Roseburg, Oregon where nine people were killed. Whatever your political leanings, whatever you think should be done about this situation, one thing is clear: mass shootings are happening  with more frequency in America, and we need to protect ourselves.



If you’ve ever watched media coverage of a mass shooting, you know the details of a shooting are often reported incorrectly for hours, even days after the incident. The people surrounding the area of a mass shooting are often consumed with panic for their loved ones, so can you imagine the terror and confusion of actually being a victim or the person responsible for the lives at a business or an education related campus, during one of these incidents? It’s difficult, but essential to remember the three A’s of our triangle: Assessment, Accurate Information and most importantly, Appropriate Response.

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So how can you possibly plan to have an appropriate response to something as severe and terrifying as an active shooter situation in your school, warehouse or office complex? Planning for appropriate response actions and timeframes means simplifying the number of variables in a situation of panic and minimizing human reliance to increase speed of response.


ECT’s Active Shooter Detection System is revolutionary in that it takes those three A’s (assessment, gathering and providing accurate information to the correct people, and appropriate response from internal and external resources) and performs the correct task for you within seconds (confirming a gunshot, informing the authorities, which makes it possible for you and those around you to respond response in an appropriate way.