Now that we are past Halloween, it seems the holidays will soon arrive.

The fall and winter months are packed with back-to-back holidays and many opportunities to welcome friends, families and customers into our homes and businesses.

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Keep holiday celebrations safe with these four tips:


  1. Watch the weather. Fall and winter mean falling leaves, rain and snow. Keep sidewalks and steps clear and dry to minimize the risk of slip and fall accidents. Stock up now on salt and ice melt products now so you won’t be scrambling to find them at the first sign of snow in the forecast.
  2. Keep that warm glow where it belongs. Nothing says “Welcome!” quite like the warm glow of a fire or the delicious scent of a candle. Be sure to have fireplaces cleaned and inspected regularly, and be mindful of the placement and use of candles. Keep them away from curtains and other decorations, and be sure they are on a stable surface where they are unlikely to be knocked over by a guest. Never leave fireplaces or candles unattended. Make sure fire extinguishers are kept handy and you know how to use them properly in an emergency.
  3. Light the night. The end of daylight savings time means darkness falls a lot more quickly. Minimize the risk of accidents by making sure building exteriors are properly lit, particularly walkways. Use timers or sensors to turn lights on automatically at dusk, and turn them off automatically during daylight hours.
  4. Practice food safety. If you are planning on serving refreshments, make sure food and drinks have been properly stored and handled. Always advise guests of any allergens, like peanuts, that may be present.


Preparing now before holiday entertaining gets into full swing will leave you time to focus on the fun. Happy hosting!