The fastest two minutes in sports is preceded by weeks of concerts, festivals, fireworks and more. Derby season is also prime time for company parties.



As with any activity, Derby parties carry risks for hosts. Here’s how you can reduce exposure maximize the fun:

Encourage responsible drinking. You could be on the hook for medical bills and property damage if a guest knocks back one too many mint juleps at your party and then gets behind the wheel. Have a plan in place ahead of time to ferry tipsy guests safely home. Holding your event at a restaurant or bar may also limit your liability.

Adjust security accordingly. Opening your facility after hours for a special event, hosting a larger than normal amount of guests, or opening access to little-used areas might make it necessary to revisit your security plan. You might need to add extra cameras or security staff. You should also review any automated access controls to make sure alarms and door locks are set properly to reduce disruption while still offering adequate protection.

If you are hosting an event off-site, work with the venue to identify and mitigate risks for your guests. Make sure the venue and parking areas are well-maintained, and be sure that guests are escorted to their vehicles if necessary.

Review emergency plans. In the event of a medical emergency, inclement weather, fire or other threat, have a plan in place to keep guests safe. Walk through your currently emergency management plans with an eye towards any special circumstances created by the party. Will your event take place after normal operating hours? Will it be held in a part of your facility that is rarely used? Will an atypical number of people be in your facility? Consider these factors, and revise your plan accordingly. You should also take this opportunity to inspect your fire protection and other systems to make sure they are ready to perform.

If your event will take place at another venue, ask to review their emergency plans. Don’t hesitate to ask for additional provisions to ensure the safety and security of your guests.