What mattered to facilities managers in 2015? Three key themes emerge:

The Internet of Things is a thing. Devices, appliances, systems are all interconnected and available at our fingertips through computers, tablets and smartphones. This unprecedented level of control and monitoring capabilities opens up endless possibilities for maximizing efficiency and maintaining high quality. But challenges such as maintaining security and managing complexity are opening up just as rapidly as the opportunities.

Green is here to stay. Facilities managers have always looked for ways to increase efficiencies and save money; now they have an eye toward saving the planet, too. From using eco-friendly building materials and products to conserving energy, facilities managers are under increasing pressure from leaders and the public to go green.

Security is top of mind. Schools, offices and entertainment venues continue to be targets for gunmen, and the frequency of mass shooting events seems to be increasing. More than ever, managers are asking what they can do to make their facilities as safe as possible for the public. Responses include training employees and the public how to keep safe  and turning to automated systems to mitigate threats.

These three themes indicate the increasingly sophisticated skills effective facilities managers must bring to the table, including the ability to identify and collaborate with expert partners like ECT Services to maximize opportunities and meet challenges.