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Design from the ground up

Maybe you’re getting ready to dive into a new build, and you want to make sure all you are designing, installing and documenting the best building control systems for your new facility.

Maybe you’ve just moved in to a new-to-you location, and you’re not quite sure what/when/where/why/how all of the building systems were installed or how they work together.

Maybe you’ve been in your current facility for a long time, and you’ve added building systems over the years, but you are not sure you’ve got what you need in place, and you’re not sure everything is working together at peak efficiency.
Whatever your reason, it’s always a good idea to approach your facility’s HVAC, security and safety systems as a design project, and not simply discrete equipment purchases. Unlike other elements of your facility – like floors and walls – these are “living” systems that grow and change over time.

Innovation brings new changes every year, and each new piece of equipment you introduce to any of these systems has the potential to bring both benefits and risks. For instance, a new badge system might bring additional capabilities, but your current IT infrastructure may not be able to fully integrate with it and take advantage of all its features.

ECT Services offers complete end to end design services for all types of building systems. What are the benefits of using design services? Here are a few:
You’ll get a fresh, complete set of plans that tells you exactly what you have. A complete set of plans will help you make adjustments to the system later, and help you upgrade or add on to systems with confidence.

You’ll know why you’ve got what you’ve got, and how it all works together. We can translate your requirements into systems that meet your needs while maximizing efficiency.

Stronger security. End-to-end system design helps identify security gaps and risks, reducing vulnerabilities and system failures.

Take full advantage of the latest IoT opportunities. Internet of Things innovation means more opportunity than ever before to monitor and analyze systems for business benefit. But all that opportunity goes to waste if systems aren’t designed to support devices and collect and manage the data. Well-designed systems maximize opportunities to get the most out of the data offered up by IoT devices.
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We can help you get the picture when it comes to system design

Are you retrofitting an existing building with a new security system? Or perhaps you are embarking on a new construction project, which will include integrated building controls?
Maybe you’ve already put a great deal of thought into your system needs, and perhaps you’ve even done some research into the products and features you want, and discussed your vision with your architect.
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Those are great first steps. Being an informed consumer is always an excellent idea, and working with a knowledgeable professional is well worth the investment of time and other resources.

But when it comes to specialized systems such as access control, temperature control, security and building integration, and additional level of expertise is necessary, too. With the introduction if the Internet of Things, system complexity is increasing exponentially. Having these types of systems designed by someone who specializes in them will ensure quality and performance, and reduce the risk that systems won’t perform up to full potential due to design flaws.

ECT Services will partner with your architect to design and draw a plan for your temperature control, building integration, security and other systems. We don’t compete with your architect; we complement their services for maximum value.

Our design engineers track every element of the systems they design – down to the last plug and screw – and deliver clear, precise, detailed drawings. If design elements are changed during the building process, we update the plans accordingly, so changes can be tracked later.

What does that mean for you? It means updating, expanding and troubleshooting systems will be a much easier process later on, even years after installation. It means you’ll know exactly what elements are included in your system, and you’ll have a complete picture of how they all work together.

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