Production and Manufacturing

Medinger_towerMeidinger Tower– Meidinger Tower is a 27 story high rise in Louisville built in the 1960’s. The initial floor plan load calculation considered the lighting loads, 40 people per floor, and a few pieces of machinery (copiers, printers, etc.).  Today the floor population exceeds 100,  including personal work stations that generate heat. ECT Services engineering determined that there was plenty chilled water capacity, but the air distribution could not carry the required CFM’s needed for cooling. So ECT, as general contractor, removed 2 – 2,000 cfm fan powered VAV boxes from several floors and added stand alone 2,000 cfm FCU’s. The air flow saved by the 2 – 120,000 cfm AHU’s was then reallocated to other parts of the building. To date, there has been over 12,000 cfm redistributed in the building and tenant complaints ceased. The controls consist of graphical web based controls on a dedicated LAN network.